Springtime is coming, it’s Lent in NOLA

Work was brutal yesterday, mainly because everyone is sick including the babies, my coworkers and myself and it was fairly slow in the restaurant. Also it was just kind of a sucky day overall with low check averages, mediocre tips and obnoxious guests. Sometimes things just don’t run as smoothly as one would like. But that’s ok, today is another day and tonight is another shift and who knows? Maybe there’ll be a Lenten miracle. I like Lent, all the seafood specials and all the drunks trying to give up drinking after the wild excess of Mardi Gras. From Ash Wednesday all the way to St Patrick’s Day, when the Lenten promises are frequently broken, New Orleans is fueled by sparkling water, blue crab and shrimp. Then onto dark Irish stouts and brisket or for the more devout, the spaghetti with breadcrumbs and the beautiful spectacle of the St Joseph Day altar.
Meanwhile my parade obsessed kids still want to play “Throw me something, Mister!” daily. They get all their throws together and I yell for them and they throw them to me. Then Max will switch roles from float rider to the marching band with his trumpet and it is so incredibly adorable.
Here’s hoping for some harmonic convergence at work tonight. I don’t really know what that’s supposed to mean, technically. But it sounds about right for what I’m looking for; the stars aligning for the good of this evening. All right, y’all, love, peace and chicken grease.

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Oramge Juice


Funny orange juice by Melissa and Doug at the salvage store and tiny handprints in the sand in Gulfport.

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Still Life with Tulips


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A day so beautiful, I wanted to eat it up.

A rocket ship on Bayou Saint John

Yesterday was a day off. We went to City Park and the weather was beautiful and the babies were running around having a great time. I was just taking it in and I just wanted to consume the day, and keep it forever somehow and hold it tight. We had a little picnic and looked at the ducks. Winter in New Orleans is amazing. Little children are amazing, too.

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It’s my weekend

2015/01/img_0476.jpg End of the night apron pocket stuff

Tonight was my Friday! This work week (really weekend) was long and I am pleased as punch to spend some time with my babies. I hope my days off are peaceful, loving and happy. Max has the dentist tomorrow though which is not a great start but I’m sure we’ll make it through just fine.

2015/01/img_0473.jpg Funny apple box

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Couturie Forest- An Enchanted Place

2015/01/img_0470.jpg Couturie Forest in City Park

I love Couturie Forest. It is so beautiful and serene and I love climbing up the big old man made hill that is the highest point in New Orleans. The water is pretty and you can see all sorts of birds. My three year old decided that it was Reggie’s home (Reggie is his friend the monster) which is not surprising because he has told me that Reggie lives in the dark dark woods. We had a picnic in a field and hiked through the trees. The kids enjoyed themselves, running around and picking up sticks to throw in the water. Max did ask to go to a park with a slide once or twice, though.
We saw a little kid with aquamarine hair collecting snail shells on a picnic table with his interesting parents and they all looked happy. The air was sweet and the sunlight was soft and dappled through the trees.
Couturie Forest definitely makes the list of Enchanted Places. I want to go back soon.

2015/01/img_0471.jpg A Tree Monster

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Maintaining is hard


Work has been good but exhausting, the babies are good but exhausting. Maintenance is stressing me out. Brush teeth, take bath, comb hair, get dressed, go to the dentist, rinse repeat. So much needs to be done that it takes up the time I want to be doing other stuff. Grocery shopping, making phone calls, paying bills and God knows what else my memory has been so bad lately. I want to listen to Elizabeth Mitchell and spend time in nature. I want to feel a connection to the universe. But my work clogs are ripped and almost unwearable and new ones are $140.00 and the cheap rubber shoes at I got at Walmart hurt my feet and my back and on and on. When will time open up and give me what I want? I won’t mope though. It’s time to seize the day and be kind and patient and make it happen. Off to the park, the weather is beautiful (just as soon as I bathe everyone and brush their teeth and dress them and make lunch and get extra clothes and diapers together)!

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